Master Your Maximo Data Webinar

Looking to improve access to your operational Maximo data and provide your users with a secure, flexible, and intuitive reporting platform? Want to capitalize on the growing trend for decentralized, self-service data prep and increase your support for business user requirements? Click Here to Register for a 1 hour product overview where you’ll learn:
  • Common Maximo data discovery use cases and how the DataBrowser simplifies access to working with Maximo operational data.
  • How DIT’s DataBrowser supports the growing trend for decentralized, self-service data discovery and prep.
  • How DIT’s DataBrowser can be rapidly implemented to improve your overall Maximo ROI.
  • How business users can quickly analyze and manipulate data on short notice without the need for help from IT.



DIT DataBrowser - Get a new view on your data

DIT DataBrowser

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