DIT and the 18F Agile Delivery Services BPA

18F is a newly formed organization within GSA. Their mission is to transform the way the government builds and buys Information Technology, with an emphasis on public-facing digital services. Federal agencies approach 18F with a need or an opportunity, and 18F enters into an inter-agency agreement to provide services. To further this mission, 18F issued an RFQ for Agile Delivery Services. This RFQ will result in a BPA that allows 18F to contract out various aspects of Agile Development Projects for its customers. While this RFQ is still pending, 18F’s innovative procurement process resulted in an Open Source prototype that we wanted to share. Rather than a lengthy written proposal response, 18F required vendors to submit a working development prototype using data sets from and using Application Programming Interface (API) to a publicly-accessible version control repository (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket) that supports git. DIT assigned Stephen Matta (@sjmatta) as the development lead and system architect of our 4 person team that in 2 weeks developed our Foodwatch prototype. Foodwatch is an open source web application that consumes data from the FDA Food Foodwatch-Screenshot-150824Enforcement Report API ( and allows a visitor to select and display the reported event on a map. The visitor is then able to highlight states to which that recalled food item was shipped. This proof of concept consumes the events from the past 60 days. Please check out our prototype here, or learn more about how we built it here.  

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