Case Studies and Whitepapers

Application Development


Investment Management Case Study

Our client’s objective was to evolve their Identity and Access Governance program to address immediate and longer term needs. Clango delivered foundational analysis to support activation of identity and access governance model while optimizing the operational support model.

Investment Industry: Access Governance Program Case Study

Banking Industry Case Study

For an organization to be able to cost-effectively scale, it must be able to leverage common systems and services to provide enterprise capabilities to the business. To do this it needs to shift from a systems perspective to a capability perspective. Capability analysis focuses on both business and information technology. Case in point, our client’s desire was to ensure that the new technology can functionally integrate with their IT Service Management platform so that all requests are tracked from start to finish.

Banking: Access Governance Platform Evaluation

Insurance Industry Privileged Access and Administration Analysis

Remediate audit findings related to privileged access management for financially significant applications within the current calendar year.

Insurance: Privileged Administration Analysis and Planning Case Study

Regional Healthcare Patient Portal

Evaluated technical and process IAM foundation built for their patient portal and assessed if it was sufficient for planned expansion and increased utilization.

Healthcare: Patient Portal Case Study

Healthcare Identity and Access Management Strategy Case Study
Eliminate duplication and adopt best practices for Identity and Access Governance in a complex organizational and regulatory environment for a regional healthcare company.

Healthcare: Identity and Access Management Strategy Approach Case Study

Enterprise Identity Management Integration: Health Care Portal

Clango designed and implemented an enterprise identity and access management solution with a consolidated user directory to support portal users for a major health care supplier. The delivered solution is highly-available and scalable to hundreds of thousands of users. It features a policy-based custom authentication and authorization integration with the client’s EPIC electronic records system. Use cases supported include web single sign-on to multiple applications, federated authentication, directory virtualization, self-service password management, and synchronized account provisioning to an enterprise data store.

SaaS Identity Support Training

Clango defined, developed, and delivered a four-day end-user training curriculum for a major telecom client providing identity and access management solutions delivered as a service. Our team trained the client’s operations staff with a fully-integrated virtual identity and access management environment. The training involved operations support use cases, starting and stopping servers, log analysis, as well as end-user functional use cases, including user provisioning, federated single sign-on, and policy-based access controls.

Strong Authentication: Health Care Exchange Integration

Clango provided systems integration and expert consulting services for several state health care exchanges during the Affordable Care Act implementation. Clango offered identity and access management installation and integration support, as well as system tuning and performance analysis. Clango’s Integration team was instrumental in helping the provider organizations implement multi-factor authentication and real-time fraud management capabilities for the highly-available solutions.

Anti Fraud Strategy and Alignment

When it comes to detecting fraud, a number of factors have to align. These factors often include sensitive, high-risk information. An identity and its attributes are always centric to a fraudulent scenario – whether as a perpetrator, a victim, or a mule. Organizations are often overwhelmed with the idea of launching an enterprise-wide anti-fraud program. It involves assimilation of people, processes, and data from various units; and entails proactive methodologies to minimize the impact on customers, services, and other business aspects. Clango has helped organizations devise methodologies to initiate, develop, and maintain enterprise-wide strategies that align various aspects of Anti-Fraud and Identity Lifecycle Management: Risk Management, Compliance, Operations, Incident Management, and Business Applications.

Fraud Analysis and Controls Training

Clango provided a customized training curriculum and solution for a major internet consumer portal provider. Clango designed the strong-authentication solution for the portal, and trained the portal provider’s operations staff on fraud analysis and incident response. The integrated solution combined policy-based, multi-factor access controls with strong password management requirements. The delivered fraud management solution included detailed, real-time response rules involving IP location translation, transaction velocity rules, device identification, and user behavior heuristics.

Identity and Access Management/Strong Authentication: Educational Portal

Clango designed and implemented a highly-available enterprise identity and access management solution for a large university client. Clango helped define requirements, install, and integrate identity and access management technologies to provide a policy-based web single sign-on solution that included a customized login flow for students, faculty, and staff the delivered solution support the enterprise security requirements from the university, including integrated security awareness compliance and attestation use cases. The solution was implemented as the primary authentication and authorization mechanism for the university’s portal, and it included strong-authentication, and out-of-band password management capabilities. Clango also provided end-user training for university staff responsible for administering and maintaining the identity and access management components, including strong-authentication login alerts and security alert data.

Global Travel and Hospitality Services Organization

Provided rationale and a recommended approach to expand Identity and Access Management solution to meet both short and longer-term goals for a global organization in a cost-effective manner.

Travel: Identity and Access Management Strategy Case Study

Global Manufacturing Organization

Implemented Oracle Identity and Access Management suite to optimize user on-boarding processes and achieve user self-service password management.

Manufacturing: Identity and Access Management Implementation Case Study