Omada Identity Lifecycle and Access Governance

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Effortless Identity Management and Access Governance

Identity Management Suited to Your Business

Omada’s innovative identity management solutions enable organizations to implement a unified access governance model across systems, applications, and data. Omada’s solutions support continuous compliance and automation of IAM processes across on premise and cloud applications. Choose the solution that suits your needs:


Easy-to-deploy solution, delivered as a service or on premise, and implemented in days. OmadaBasic analyzes access data across systems and creates a detailed overview of IT-users’ access to sensitive and critical data. The solution supports efficient control and assessment of access rights, and enables you to remediate non-compliant access to ensure your data is protected. Features include:
  • Auto generated audit report
  • Cross system access insights
  • Automated data classification
  • Validation / reconciliation


All in one, standardized IAM solution, implemented in weeks, and delivered as a service or on premise. OmadaProfessional provides a comprehensive set of standardized best practice IAM / IGA workflows that are easy to configure to suit your business without the need for coding. Features include:
  • Best practice IAM workflows delivered out-of-the-box
  • Self-service access request portal
  • SoD policy management
  • Attestation/recertification
  • RBAC and other assignment policies
  • Provisioning
  • Validation/reconciliation
  • Compliance reporting
  • Self-service password reset


Full-scale integrated and highly adaptable enterprise IAM / IGA solution – implemented in months. This fully customizable solution supports complex custom IAM / IGA scenarios. It is possible to automate practically any business process through advanced customization capabilities. Features include:
  • Extensible IAM workflows / identity lifecycle management
  • Self-service access request portal
  • SoD policy management
  • Attestation/recertification
  • RBAC and other assignment policies
  • Provisioning
  • Validation/reconciliation
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Self-service password reset

Why choose Omada Identity Suite?

Omada’s identity solutions work either as stand-alone or as a unified comprehensive solution that covers both identity and access governance and identity and access management. The suite is built on Microsoft technology and covers every aspect of identity management challenges in heterogeneous IT-environments. Omada’s solution supports continuous compliance and automation of IAM processes across on premise and cloud-based applications.

Leading Edge Compliance with Fewer Resources

  • Achieve compliance fast, reduce IT costs, and gain control across all enterprise applications and resources – from the datacenter to the cloud.
  • Achieve on-demand actual and historical overview of entitlements data for analysis, reporting, attestation, and data clean-up to ensure consistent fulfillment of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Eliminate “rubber-stamping” during re-certifications
  • Policy enforcement incl. segregation of duties (SoD) rules detects toxic combinations of resources assigned to the same person
  • Predefined management dashboards provide analytics and reporting for a complete overview with compliance relevant statistics
  • Achieve continuous control and get a complete overview of identities, to provide identity intelligence for analysis, and monitor compliance across on-premise and cloud applications

Unified Overview with Deep Access Intelligence

  • Establish an on-demand, real time overview of users and entitlements across scattered systems
    • cloud-based, on-premise, hosted, or out-sourced to effectively enforce compliance requirements around security and privacy.
  • Gain critical visibility of access rights across the data center and the cloud to easily determine whether users have appropriate and valid access
  • Import of identity and access data from systems, directories, and databases like Active Directory, SharePoint, MS SQL Server, SAP, and RACF
  • Complete reporting for auditors, system owners, managers, end users
  • On-demand deep access intelligence – regardless of fulfillment/provisioning method
  • Easy data consolidation across all systems – cloud and on-premise

Smooth and Easy Technology Adoption

  • Achieve smooth and easy technology adoption in your organization. Omada Identity Suite is built on the Microsoft platform that is well adopted across IT organizations.
  • Intuitive end user experience with automated processes and step-by-step methodology
  • Empower your organization with self-service access request portal and automated user lifecycle processes for access rights request and approvals
  • Eliminate the need for manual routine work by automating granting of birth rights and other privileges when employees onboard the organization, change job roles, or leave the organization
  • Empower your organization to take action to approve, revoke, or remediate access privileges
  • Streamline user administration processes and improve organizational efficiency

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Omada is a market-leading provider of IT security solutions and services for identity management and access governance. Omada enables organizations to achieve sustainable compliance, reduce risk exposure, and maximize automation. Omada’s solutions efficiently manage and control users’ access rights to applications and data – reducing IT costs and resource intensive administration processes. Established in 2000, Omada has operations in North America and Europe, delivering solutions directly and via a network of skilled partners and system integrators. Omada is recognized as a trusted advisor and has provided advanced identity management solutions for organizations with some of the largest and most complex IT infra­structures in the world. More information: | LinkedIn | Twitter

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